The study and practice of Yoga keeps me questioning and experimenting on my way of being. The Yoga Student was created to share what I am learning through gathered knowledge and personal experience. Articles by The Yoga Student may give you insight but these are my set of experiences and perspectives and you will have your own. I encourage you to take from them what works for you but always strive to follow your own path.

Besides my articles, you will also find a few contributed by other wellness professionals authored under ‘Contributor.TYS’. Each contributor’s name and contact details are always mentioned under their write-up to enable you to connect with them.

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The dictionary defines attitude as ‘the way we think or feel about something’. Thoughts and emotions stem from the mind, but then what is the mind? And where is it? Is it in our brain, if so then why do we experience heartache? Is it in our tummies, if not then why do we have gut feelings? In this section I write about how I work on my thinking for a really good life experience.

Articles on Attitude


Habits are the things we do. Lao Tzu said that our habits become our character and our character becomes our destiny. I’ve seen quite a few characterless peeps live quite a fine life, and I have wondered at Lao Tzu. I think that’s where we go wrong. We focus on others instead of studying ourselves. We judge others – their actions and beliefs, and we judge ourselves too. In this section I talk about my daily habits along with certain yoga postures, and how they’ve changed me.

Articles on Habits


Weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance begins with nutrition. I relish good food. I’m a foodie and I don’t diet but I do watch my health and the weighing scale. What goes in ultimately impacts our mind and body, attitude and habits. A sharp mind and a strong body is what we need first to experience abundance both inside and outside of us. In this section I talk about how food maketh the mood which in turn maketh the dude!

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