Must-haves In Your Kitchen

Our culture has an array of healthy spices, fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains and they are all in your favorite place at home. Where is that you ask? The Kitchen, where all the magic happens!

Our Kitchen is a storehouse of energy and the dishes that are cooked in our kitchen have many ways of retaining their nutritional value. We have such wide varieties of items that a “diet” or healthy lifestyle could never be bland and boring. The Kitchen is where there is a wholeness in nourishment bringing the ancient wisdom, science, seasonal and local cuisine to give you and your loved ones the wonderful energy of life.

Wondering what you should surely have as a part of your pantry? Well here are a few things we feel are a must-have in your pantry. Let’s jump right in then?


Garden Cress seeds / Halim seeds / Aliv – Image by Schwoaze from Pixabay

From Ladoos to kheer to chutneys, soups, sandwiches and so much more; Aliv or halim seeds are versatile and packed with nutrients – especially a powerful source of Iron. Besides helping in increasing your iron, these lovely seeds also have the potential to treat cough and sore throat as well as curing symptoms of Asthma. That’s all you ask? No! There’s more, the most important one it helps aid digestion and helps you cope with constipation. Whether it is blood pressure, diabetes, menstrual discomfort, or anemia; this is a must-have in your kitchen.


Photo by Megumi Nachev on Unsplash

One of the most misunderstood foods available and shunned in every Indian home is this magical ghee which is not only rich in essential fatty acids but also helps lower the glycemic index when combined with other higher glycemic foods. If you observe, in our culture there have always been these certain food combinations like dal chawal and ghee, puranpoli and ghee, modak made in ghee and much more. Ever wondered why? Together they make the best nutritional combination and not only help in lowering the glycemic index but also helps maintain the energy and the smooth absorption of nutrients into your body. Still not happy with the answer, well it does wonders for helping your skin look flawless and young. Hence make sure to include one teaspoon of ghee with your major meals [breakfast, lunch & dinner] to reap its benefits.


Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash

The list of which rice is healthier is endless and the doubt that should we even eat rice is the biggest discussion ever. They are rich prrbiotics helping us digest better as it feeds our probiotics in turn leading to a healthy gut. It is one of lightest dinner options and helps you sleep much better along with improving your hormonal imbalance. We never eat rice alone! It is always combined with other food groups and that itself lowers the so-called carbohydrate fear people have. Rice is not just carbohydrates, it is also rich in several amino acids which also helps in promoting better skin and hair growth. It is versatile, local and eco-friendly. Instead of avoiding a food group just because every week one new diet trend comes up, try and learn more about your culture and what is local to you. When it comes to rice, go for single polished or hand-milled varieties to ensure you get all the nutrition from it.


Spine Gourd / Kantola – Image by Aaichi Savali from

Seasonal produce helps in getting the fresh nutrients and that is why this little vegetable also known as spiny gourd is an essential in the monsoon season. With every season comes the allergies, fatigues and our usual cough and cold, and that’s why it is of utmost importance to learn and include our local and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Do go through the article below to help choose your seasonal foods right:

Kantola or teasel gourd is rich in fiber, antioxidants and various flavonoids and all of this in combination helps us in better digestion [a crucial matter in the monsoon], promotes rich texture of skin and hair and because of its high fiber and high water content it is great to keep your sugar in check too. Do include this vegetable in the monsoon to keep your allergies, cough and cold at bay. And now we come to our last but not least and all time favorite!


Kulith / Horse gram – Image by

Kulith or horsegram is the super pulse of India from being made into rasam or payasam in the south to khichadi in the north and ofcourse our favorite usal or pitla in Maharashtra. Besides the protein, it is a great source of minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc which in turn helps you stay young, vibrant and beautiful. Along with this the added benefit is fat loss! It’s best to keep your immunity strong in the monsoon season and keeps you energetic throughout the day. Make sure to include a bowl of kulith atleast thrice a week in your lunch or dinner to keep feeling flawless.

Just like with a car once the fuel is taken care of you can enjoy the drive, the same goes for your body too. Give it the right nutrients with respect to your locality and season and automatically see and feel the wonders that happen.

This article is contributed by Amita Mishra, Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert.

You can reach out to her on:
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Amita Mishra has been awarded with the Title of “Iconic Nutritionist in Mumbai” and “101 fabulous Global Healthcare leaders of the world”. She holds a Masters in Food Science and Nutrition, is a Qualified Yoga instructor, a Certified Sports Nutritionist, and a Zumba lover. Amita has a global clientele and operates in more than 20 countries for weight loss, disease management, and lifestyle modifications from her office in Mumbai. Her approach is to blend the simple Traditional Household methods, to make you look at your food with Love and not guilt!

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