Weight Loss Tamasha!

A lot of people are constantly striving to lose weight and it seems like the toughest thing to do. Yes, weight loss is a gradual process and takes a while but if done right with sustainable changes, losing weight won’t feel impossible and one will easily achieve desired results.

In recent times, technology & social media has been a boon in many ways, be it knowledge or understanding nutrition related queries. We think the internet gives us answers instantly. While it does provide a lot of information, it often misleads us into the trap of fad diets. This has become quite common due to ‘Quack’ nutritionists on social media, claiming instant results with faulty diet trends.

These trends do not work in the long run. People get confused as to which dietary information is correct. Nutrition is a vast subject so make sure you consult a certified dietitian only. A short nutrition course or trying to promote diets that one has experimented with on themselves will render different results for others.

Here are a few things people try, in wasted efforts to lose weight in an incorrect way:

1 >> Going on a low carbohydrate diet: This has been one of the most common practices for weight loss. People tend to avoid roti, rice and other grains in their meals to lose weight. One needs to realize that carbohydrate are a great source of energy and not easily available to the body in comparison to protein or fats. So a low-carb diet can reduce your energy levels drastically during the day. Apart from that, it’s not sustainable as when one starts consuming carbs again, it gets back all the weight lost.

2 >> Going on a low fat diet: People tend to reduce the amount of fat in their diet in order to lose weight. A lot of them eat boiled or steamed foods, add no ghee on their rotis or any other food preparations. While boiling, steaming can be healthy alternatives to oil loaded cooking, one needs to understand that fats helps in a lot of vitamin & mineral absorption present in the food. Good quality fats if taken in adequate proportions provides for effective weight loss.

3 >> Fasting for more than 10-12 hours: Some think fasting makes one lose weight and tend to follow this method for quicker weight loss results. While fasting for spiritual reasons is great, fasting for weight loss is not a good idea. When we fast, our body uses all the energy reserves. When these reserves get exhausted, we experience fatigue & a lot of muscle wasting. To compensate, one tends to eat more to get through the fasting hours. This kind of overeating increases fat reserves. Weight loss that results from fasting is actually muscle loss & not fat loss.

4 >> Going on a keto diet: In recent times keto diet has been one of the most famous diet trends where a person eats 70-75% fats, 20% protein & only 5% of carbohydrates assuming that fat would act as a source of energy in place of carbohydrates. Keto diets do give a quick result due to the shift of macro nutrient to provide energy, however it is not sustainable & can cause major health issues such as high cholesterol levels, heart issues, plaque, etc.

5 >> Eating & Purging: A lot of people tend to starve themselves and avoid their favorite foods to lose weight. When they cannot resist, they eat what they like and then purge it out from the scare of putting on weight. This leads to psychological disorders and also affects the overall health of a person.

When people use these above mentioned faulty practices of losing weight, they end up losing the charm and glow from their face, they start looking pale, they experience hair fall and imbalances which further worsen their weight loss progress. Commonly these diet trends are promoted either by “Quack” nutritionists or people who indulge in such faulty methods to lose weight.

A Qualified Nutritionist/ Dietitian does not recommend such diets. Only a certified dietitian who has dedicated at least 3-5 years of study in this field, will be able to provide in-depth knowledge on different foods, how food consumption shapes a person and the biochemistry of how foods are digested. This knowledge and understanding cannot be attained in a short span of time. It is an immense investment of Time & Passion. Google or any other search engine cannot give you personalized consultation as every person’s body is different and when you counsel with an expert in this field they can guide you best as per your body, diet and eating habits.

We often see people fear the term “DIET” but in my dictionary this fear doesn’t exist because I term it as ‘HEALTHY EATING’. Our perception of food is always based on two broad categories – that is Healthy [good food] and not Healthy [bad food]. But the fact is that, no food is bad, it all depends on us in terms of ‘what we eat’, ‘what time we eat’ & ‘how much we eat’ while trying to achieve our health goals.

‘Healvick’ means healing your health with food. We believe that along with food, our body, mind and soul should also be connected.

Healthy eating habits, along with a little exercise is the mantra to great health. We also believe in providing ‘MEAL PLANS’ as the word ‘DIET’ makes us feel deprived of foods we like. We thus tend to leave diets after repeated attempts.

The word ‘MEAL PLAN’ itself provides so much more sustainability towards good health. Dt. Arpita Jain has worked with many clients internationally and nationally helping them achieve their target. She emphasizes on eating wholesome and nutritious foods. Her meal plans are a blend of traditional food culture and modern nutritional science. One need not make separate or specific meals to lose weight or maintain health, thus saving them time and any unnecessary efforts.

Healvick also helps manage conditions like PCOS, Diabetes, Cholesterol and other lifestyle related issues with nutrition. After you have had a fruitful journey with us, Healwick will not abandon you. We consistently guide you with information to help maintain your health and lifestyle. Connect with me for a consultation today!

Dt. Arpita Jain
p: +91 9867189080
w: www.healvick.com
e: dt.arpita@healvick.com
instagram: @dt.arpita_healvick
facebook: @Dt.Arpita
twitter: @DtArpita

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