The Mindset Of Cleanliness

Cleanliness won’t become a habit unless it is firmly established as a mindset. Keep your mind, body and spirit clean and you will experience the greatest riches of life. Did you know that being clean attracts wealth. Now that should be some motivation! Without cleanliness we are not truly living but just existing, getting old, almost rotting alive and fading away through life.

Thoughts and words can pollute the mind. You can hurt yourself and others if you do not watch what you are saying and thinking constantly. Hygienic habits, thoughtful behavior, taking responsibility for your own actions and reactions cleanses and strengthens your mind and body. But what about the spirit? How do you practice cleanliness of spirit?

By practicing cleanliness of the environment, we practice cleanliness of spirit. By keeping our surroundings clean, we clean up the energy and attract all things positive. Doesn’t a serene mountain top, a relaxed beach, a rejuvenating walk in the forest always lift one’s spirits? A place of worship is always clean. There is something sacred in maintaining clean surroundings. Our sustainability depends on it. Nature has its way of cleaning itself up. Nature on its own is always clean. Our basic needs; air, water, food, shelter and safety depend on cleanliness. To enjoy a quality life, these have to be clean. A clean place is a safe place.

It is difficult to change others and their way of thinking and behaving, but it is not difficult to set an example so begin with yourself. Are your surroundings in order or is everything as disorganized as the unnecessary thoughts in your head. Are you hoarding, do you feel deprived or are you able to let things go. Take a look around you, your immediate surroundings are a reflection of your way of thinking, doing and being. Do you feel fresh and ripe, full of vibrant energy and brilliance or do you feel rotten and helpless, angry with yourself and everyone around you? Your standard of living will tell whether you come from a mindset of abundance or a mindset of lack.

Raise your standard of living by practicing cleanliness in a small way everyday. It helps build a mindset of abundance, generosity and gratitude. It improves your relations and attracts all things joyful. Watch your life transform with this simple attitude of cleanliness of thought, word and deed, practiced together.

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