Cleanliness Part I – Banish Constipation

Cleanliness is my religion. I hear people striving for habits like healthy eating, clean diet and regular exercise but how many of us pay attention to the daily body function of waste release? If I don’t poop in the day I get stressed out. If I don’t go for two days, I start panicking.

Our digestive tract begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. Digestion and absorption of what we eat and drink may tell on our overall health but the third and most important function – elimination – is what will give you the exact picture. And yes, I mean it literally! It is healthy to go twice or even three times in a day, but going once is a must. For a rotting fruit in a basket will cause the other fruits to rot. And just like that, waste and toxins in our system if not flushed out, will not allow the good stuff we consume to do any good for us.

At this point, it is relevant to become aware of all the many things that could cause constipation. And there are so many:

  1. not drinking enough water
  2. lack of fiber in diet
  3. a high protein diet
  4. a dairy rich diet
  5. eating less or staying hungry
  6. eating in a hurry / on the go / standing
  7. excessive alcohol or caffeine intake
  8. sedentary lifestyle
  9. lack of exercise
  10. lack of proper deep sleep
  11. change in routine
  12. change in circadian rhythm
  13. controlling when you get the urge
  14. hormonal disturbances / moon cycle for women
  15. stress – unable to express freely, or unable to let go
  16. weather changes
  17. a new environment
  18. dependency on laxatives

There’s no point beautifying your home if you are not going to make any efforts to keep it clean. If cleanliness be your first habit, start with yourself. Keep your insides clean. Banish constipation for good. The root of all illness is constipation. Choose wellness, choose cleanliness and make it a habit today.

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